HbA1c rapid test

EDELVITAL™ HbA1c is a rapid test for a quantitative measurement of HbA1c value in capillary whole blood. This is carried out, with the use of the EDELVITAL™ fluorescence Immunoassay Analyser. A professional test, for in vitro diagnostic use.

A Glycated hemoglobin test, it is sometimes also referred to as being Hb1c or HGBA1C. A form of hemoglobin, that is measured primarily, to identify the three-month average plasma glucose concentration in the blood and to monitor glycemic control in people with Diabetes Mellitus.

The test is aimed at Clinicians and trained Pharmacists that they may assist those individuals in understanding their condition in a one step process. Thus allowing them, to obtain the help that they need in managing their condition sooner rather than later. It is hoped that individuals who are concerned about their plasma glucose levels, can within 15 minutes, quickly obtain the results they need.


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