Introducing a real-time gold standard qPCR test. The EDELVITAL™ qPCR detection Assay, which  in addition to other pathogenic diseases, is now available to test to the highest accuracy, the SARS CoV-2 virus by genotype. All variants including sub variants such as Omicron/Delta are detected in a fast highly accurate instrument that far surpasses other offerings in the market.

Hampered by the need to refrigerate reagents used in the normal PCR testing for the virus. Alternative methods are expensive to transport and store in freezing temperatures, as well as limited by the number of times they can be defrosted for use.

EDELVITAL™ as solved this issue by providing dry freeze dried reagents that can be transported and stored at room temperature and utilised quickly when required with the same standard of accuracy to their frozen counterparts. Thus greatly reducing the incidents of human error and providing a cost efficient alternative especially for countries of a hotter climates.

PCR Rapid testing system

  • Speed: real-time fluorogenic quantitative PCR detection technology is used to enable multiplexing of 16 samples in a 35 minute period, detecting 500 samples a day using a single instrument.

  • Reliability: one can rely on a sensitivity level of detection producing up to 500 copies/ml.

  • Portability: the instrument is portable (2.6 kg) with a small desktop foot- print. The reagents are lyophilised which means that they can be handled at room temperature without incident.

  • Simplicity: the simple one-step process means that after adding the sample into the tube it then only has to be placed into the instrument to be amplified.

  • Cost-effective utilisation: in addition to the SARS-CoV 2 the instrument can differentiate this virus and the Influenza A and B viruses. It can also be used to detect CT, NG, HCV etc. and is currently being used in Africa for detecting the Plasmodium Malaraie agent causing Malaria.

  • Variant accuracy: the instrument has the unique ability to identify the different genotypes of the SARS-CoV 2 virus such as Omnicron, including double variants such as Omnicorn/Delta.

  • Assurance: All branded products are supported by the manufacturer with a guaranteed compatibility when used with their Assay kits.

  • Applications: given it’s size and portability, the instrument can be safely used in pharmacies, airports, health institutes even offices without problems.



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